About Us

It is a great honor and a significant responsibility to carry on the charitable work of Dan and Margaret Maddox. They were a very important part of the Middle Tennessee community before their untimely deaths, in a 1998 boating accident. Dan and Margaret continue to be a very important part of this community through their ongoing charitable efforts.


Board of Directors

Jacky Akbari
Sallie Bailey (Treasurer)
Greg Burns
Lauren Brisky
David Esquivel (Chair)
Forrest Harris
Tommye Maddox (Secretary)
Will Martin 
Mac Pirkle
Molly Sehring
Kay Simmons 
Jamie Sochovka
Lisa Wiltshire
Brenda Wynn (Vice Chair)
Shirley Zeitlin 


The Rev. Mary K. "Kaki" Friskics-Warren, Executive Director
Kaki is happy to talk to you about the Maddox Charitable Fund.  Feel free to call the office at 615-385-1006 or email her at kaki@maddoxcharitablefund.org.   An extensive Frequently Asked Questions document is also available.

Whistleblower Hotline

The Maddox Charitable Fund is committed to the highest possible standards of ethical and business conduct. Integrity and  trust are a priority for our employees, board members, consultants, volunteers, applicants and grantees. 

The Maddox Charitable Fund has established a confidential Whistleblower Hotline with Lighthouse Services, Inc. for the specific purpose of reporting fraud and unlawful activities as well as unethical or improper behavior. The Maddox Charitable Fund's Whistleblower Policy outlines our process for receiving and investigating reports.


The Whistleblower procedure is intended to be used for serious, unethical or illegal conduct which can be reported in any of the following ways.